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PostSubject: buildings   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:28 pm

I thought I would write up something to discuss my feelings on the imporatance and uses for some of the buildings in Evony Age 2.

Town Hall- this building is your control center. The size of it determines how many fields you can have. I would recommend not building it beyond lvl 5 until you have a specific reason for making it higher. The higher the lvl of this building, the better your city looks on the map. If your city looks big on the map, then big players will investigate you for colonization.

Walls - these hold your primary defenses for when you are attacked. I would recommend stop building these at lvl 5 until you have them completely full of defenses. Once they are full, upgrade them 1 level at a time, building defenses. when they are full, then upgrade again. There are 2 reasons for this. 1) big walls look nice, but they may make you a target on the map view. 2) high level walls really don't do much good by themselves. it is the defenses that they hold which make them good.
the best defense on a level 10 wall is 100 traps, 1000 abatis, 25 rolling logs, 100 defensive trebuchets, and the rest archer towers. don't worry about the defensive trebuchets until you are able to build them.

cottages - these furnish the workforce for your farm production. they also are what your soldiers are created from. I would recommend building no more than 7 of these. you can increase their levels to build up your work force. If you need more idle population to create troops, then temporarily set your production rate to 0 for all resources, goto the barracks and setup your troop production, then reset your resource production to 100%. your labor force will rebuild itself within an hour or so.

barracks - this is where your troops are created. I would reccomend having at least 10. when you create troops, you can select the "split production to all barracks" option which then divides up the number of troops by the number of barracks. for instance creating 100 archers in 1 barrack would take 5hr 26 min. but if you split this amongst 10 barracks, you can create 100 archers in 32min 4seconds.

relief station - the higher level of your relief station, the faster you can transport/reinforce troops and supplies between your own cities and those of your fellow alliance members. I would recommend building his level up, but this building should not be your first priority.

ralley spot - this is what allows you to send your troops out. you can send 1 wave of troops for every level of the ralley spot. you are also limited to a maximum number of troops to send equal to the ralley spot level X 10,000. I would recomend getting this to lvl5 to start with. then you will be able to send 5 squads of troops to attack valleys. Attacking valleys will give your heros more experiance and also give you some bonus resources. Be sure to send enough troops for the valley that your are attacking.
The ralley spot is also where you can heal your troops that are injured after you send them out to battle.

Feasting Hall - the higher the level of the feasting hall the more heros you can have. you need 1 hero for every attack squad you send out from the ralley spot. also remember that if you have a free slot in the feasting hall, you may capture a hero in a raid on a valley.

Beacon Tower - the higher the level of this, the sooner you will know you are being attacked. Also, the higher its level, the more information you will know about the attacker.

All the other buildings are used for research and misc things. You should build these up as you need them.

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