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 attacking valleys

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PostSubject: attacking valleys   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:30 pm

here are the minium qty of archers that you can use to attack a valley with no (or minimal) losses. NOTE: once the valley gets past lvl 4, you should scout it. If it has archers or cavalry in it, you should either not attack or expect to face substantial losses.
lvl 1 - 50 archers
lvl 2 - 100 archers
lvl 3 - 200 archers
lvl 4 - 400 archers
lvl 5 - 1000 archers (lvl 5 valleys are very unpredictable. I would recommend scouting first and being very careful)
lvl 6 - 1500 archers

Once you have captured your limit of valleys, you can still attack others. By doing this you will achieve several things 1) you hero will gain experiance which you will be able to use to increase his attack/politick/intel skill 2) you will gain resources depending on the valley type (food from lakes and grassland, stone from deserts, iron from hills, and lumber from forests)

The valleys will repopulate troops once per hour or 1 hour after they were last attacked. It does no good to attack them during this time because you will gain no experiance if your troops don't fight and also there will be no resources to gather.

Be prepared to get wiped out, though. Occasionally, a valley has high level attack hero in it. The attack value gives a bonus to how well your army fights. This does not happen very often, but it does. So dont send your 1000 archers to attack a lvl 5 valley, if you only have 1000 archers.....wait until you have 2000 archers and then send the 1000.

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attacking valleys
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