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 Team Work For Uprising

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PostSubject: Team Work For Uprising   Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:07 pm

This section of the forum is about...
How to work together as a TEAM for Uprising.

Here's the situation.
You got colonized and you want to up rise.
Well as a alliance we can reinforce you and help you with the up rise.
That's if you have a high enough level embassy for us to reinforce you.

Anyway I want you to post your situation here.

Your Thread Title should have you as a Defy or Defiance members.
This way we'll know which alliance you're from and who can help you.

Give us ALL the details you got on the enemy!
1. Who is the person that colonized you?
2. How many troops you think the enemy have?
3. How many troops you have building up?
4. How many wall units you have?
5. What's your level of Archery Tech?
and so forth....

Once details are known,
we'll see who can help you or what can we do about it.

Also don't expect miracle if you're enemy is too strong for us.
We can only do what we can at this time.

Lastly if that city is crappy and not even worth the time to save it.
Then just abandon it or do whatever but don't waste our time posting it here.

We want to save city that are worth saving.

By the way if any of you have any better plan on uprising or reinforcement.
Post it here so we can discuss it and learn from it.

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Team Work For Uprising
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