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 What to do after being colonized?

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PostSubject: What to do after being colonized?   Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:39 pm


So what do you do after being colonized?
A lot of member have asked me this question.

I've decided to write my answer here because I hate to repeat myself.
Having a link to answer question is good for my sanity. Wink

Also it's a quick and simple way to answer your questions!

First of all,
this is just my opinion on what to do if you're colonized.

If you disagree...
please feel free to add your strategy here.

[ Rebellion strategy on colonized city ]

Mentally you must understand,
being colonized is not the end of the world!

The 10% tax wont destroy your city.
So don't go crazy and get all depress and sh!t because you got colonized.

Understand that in Evony age 1,
you get all your resources stolen, all troops killed and
your city can get destroyed completely.

Evony age 2 is not as bad as you think...

You only get 10% tax on resources
which you can spend it quickly and not give them much to tax on.

Also 10% of your troops get drafted once a day.
You can hide your troops in another city so it won't get drafted.

Weak city, if your city is new or weak.
I suggest you abandon it and find a safer spot to make a new city!

If it's a good city and when i say good city i mean,
town hall, wall, academy, sawmill/iron and 10+ barrack are atleast at lvl 6+

Then I suggest you start closing gate.
Save whatever troops you got.

What to focus on?!

1. Archer Towers and Wall:
Build up 7k+ AT as soon as possible!
Build up wall level 7+ as soon as possible.

They CAN'T draft AT units so focus on that instead of troops.

Once your AT is high enough we can get a team to reinforce you
with 200k-300k+ archers so you can up-rise to kick out your suzerain.

After you're free,
Your 7k+ AT wall units should be able to defend your city against most attackers.

We don't want to free you and see you all defenseless.

That would be just a waste of our time.
Because you'll be easily colonized and we'll have to defend you again.
We don't want to waste our members troops saving a defenseless city.

So I suggest you focus on building up
as much Archer Towers as soon as possible before we free you.

2. Archery Tech:
I want that city academy to have a lvl 8+ archery tech!
This will help our archers to effectively reinforce you and attack your suzerain.

3. Embassy:
Have a lvl 9 embassy ready for us so we can reinforce you.

All reinforcement will be team oriented so that
our members won't have to lose lots of troops individually.

4. Sawmill:
Build up atleast 12 sawmills to lvl 7+
You'll need it for resources to build up all your AT and tech ects...

You can use lumber to sell in the market
and buy all of your other resources to build up.

These are just a few things I'm suggesting you focus on.
I know this game isn't a one set rule strategy.

There are plenty of circumstances that can happen
which can change your situation dramatically.

For example:
If your suzerain ( that person city that colonized you) get colonized.
Your city is automatically free!

You never know LUCK! It might be on your side sometime Wink

Whatever happen...
As a alliance we'll do what we can to help you.

But like I said earlier,
we don't want to waste our members troop to save a defenseless city.
So build up and be prepare!

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What to do after being colonized?
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