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 100k+ Archers Within A Month!

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PostSubject: 100k+ Archers Within A Month!   Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:15 pm

Defense Strategy:
100k+ Archers Within A Month!

This is a suggestion for members with weak defense.
If you have a strong defense already,
dont worry about this. Wink

"Situation changes so you must adapt."

In the beginning stage,
Archers Towers help defend against most attackers.
Because most attackers can't afford to waste 30k+ archers on wall units.

Well not anymore... now most of them will attack you even if you have 14k+ AT's.
However most will think twice before attacking you, if you have 100k+ Archers.

So now I'm suggesting a DEFENSE strategy that
FOCUS mostly on building up 100k+ Archers within a month.

Meaning forget wall units and AT's for now.
Just CLOSE Gate and build Archers!

( Closing gate is in your rally spot, just dont click open )

Follow these step as best you can,
it'll help you get your 100k+ archers as soon as possible.

1. Level 4 Barrack

Build at least 11 barrack lvl 4 in each city!
The more barracks you have, the faster you build archers.
And the more city you have the more barrack you can build up...

Keep archers production continuously in a 12-24 hours set up.
Meaning always have archers producing in your barrack.

Example: a barrack producing 200 archers in 6hrs is better than none in 1 hrs.

Also when building troops,
go to your Feasting hall and switch your mayor to a High Attack Hero.
Once you done setting troops production in your barrack,
switch mayor back to a politic hero.

( Attack hero helps build troops faster and politic hero helps build resources faster. )

2. Academy: Military Science

Build up your academy to at least lvl 7.
Focus on Military Science and Construction Research.
[ Military science helps build troops faster, Construction help build buildings faster. ]

This is why it's good to have more city.
Each city can have a Academy for you to do different research.

3. Sawmills, Lumber Production

You'll need lots of resources to build up your 100k+ archers.
So build up lots of lvl 9 sawmills.

Sawmills are cheap and fast to build,
unlike iron mine which is slower and more expensive to build.

Goal is to get valuable resources as fast as possible to produce 100k archers within a month.

So use lumbers to sell and buy your other resources.

And if you can, go capture some lvl 4-5 forest to help boost up lumber production.
You can capture higher forest valley later on when you have 100k+ archers...

Note: You'll need six or more lvl 7+ cottages to help with your sawmills building.

Also if you need lots of pop idle to produce troops,
you can always lower your tax to 0% this way it can gives you lots of population idle.

Just make sure you have some gold to pay your hero salary.
I usually have at least 300k gold so I wont have to worry about paying my hero salary.

And put 100 production only for food and lumber.
No need for 100 production in stone and iron
because your resources field is full of sawmill anyway.

100 Production in food is just to help your troops food intake.
The more troops you have build up, the more food intake it'll take to maintain troops.

You'll be in the negative food intake but it's ok,
once you have a lvl 80+ hero and about 150k archer and 100k warrior,
you'll be able to capture a lvl 10 npcs .

And lvl 10 npcs city has lots of lvl 10's farms.
( FYI, a lvl 10 npc city with lots of lvl 10 lake valley can hold up to 300k+ troops with positive food. )

As you build up on other buildings and stuff,
make sure you have enough resources to keep your archers production moving 24hrs.

Not building wall units or AT's units will SAVE you lots of resources.
Which mean more resources to produce archers.

( btw if you have enough resources, go ahead and build AT's
BUT make sure your archers production doesn't slow down because of lack of resources.)

And don't worry about building up level 9 walls, townhall, forge, workshop, or beacon.

Once you know how to build up 100k+ archers and other troops faster...
You'll easliy make more 100k+ troops so you can work on capturing a lvl 10 npcs.
A lvl 10 npcs has all the level 10's building for you to do your research.

Rainbow troops to help archers:
Build about 2k of each troops unit like warrior, swords, pike, scouts, worker.
This is good enough until you have 100k+ archers.
Then build more when you can.

Please remember to CLOSE gate so if you get attacked,
You wont lose troops.

Extra Note:
Have atleast a lvl 5 embassy just in case we need to reinforce you. Wink

If you have any suggestion, pm me or write it below.
Always good to have more ideas...


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100k+ Archers Within A Month!
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