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 Team Reinforcement

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PostSubject: Team Reinforcement   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:14 pm

Team Reinforcement

Ok, now that there's more members who can afford to spare archers for reinforcement.
We should do more team reinforcement.

Basic Requirement:

1. 30k-50k+ Archers with rainbow troops to spare for team reinforcement.

Each player should reinforce 30k+ archers with some rainbow troops.

( one city per player so embassy spot wont be taken up.
Not unless your the player who's willing to send 200k+ troops and need more spots. Wink )

Use alliance chat to get enough team members to reinforce up to a total of at least 200k-300k+ archers.
This is normally a good enough defense against most attackers.

Any lesser could be dangerous and not recommended.

If not enough players to team up for team reinforcement then don't reinforce.
Your troops might die pointlessly if not enough troops to defend against attackers.

2. Level 7+ Embassy

Build up your embassy level as high as possible.
The higher the embassy the more player can help with team reinforcement.

3. lvl 7+ Archery Tech

The higher the archers tech, the better the chance of not losing too much archers.
So please up your archery tech level as soon as possible.

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Team Reinforcement
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