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 facebook gifts

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PostSubject: facebook gifts   Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:46 am

Every day you can claim upto 18 rewards from your news feed, take 19 to check when the next day starts, as it might not be long.

Login to facebook. Look at your newsfeeds (you can look at Top News or Most Recent). You will see posts made made by you and ur facebook freinds. Look for the ones that have the picture (or icon) with the word Evony in the upper left. If u see one u like, click on it. You will receive a gift of what the icon represents. I use this to gain free Cavalry, speech text, warhorn, pikemen, 5% troop upkeep reduction, and a faster army.

The posts themselves stay active for a long time (more than a day) so its good to choose the right ones for you. Also not that when you post them to facebook, it may create a long list of items that others may not be interested in. My recomendation would be for all the troop increases and the troop upkeep reduction.

The posts are placed there by:
1) a person logs into evony using their facebook login and not the evony login. You need to login this anyway in order to gain access to Evony allies.
2) when you are looking at your town, icons will randomly appear in the middle of it. press these icons and tell it that you wish to accept. this will give you the bonus that it is offering and paste it on the facebook news pages of you and all your facebook friends. The friends can then use the above to get the bonus, also.

By clicking on the item in your town view, you get the reward. Then by declining in the popup, it will not be posted on facebook.

Be sure to share the good stuff with your facebook friends. If DEFY is ur friends, it will make us stronger.

Here is a short listing of some of the better bonuses that appear.

Alert - found wild horses
Reward - 100 cavalry

Alert - Has extra logs
Reward - Rolling logs (wall defences)

Alert - Has extra dug too many traps
Reward - traps (wall defences)

Alert - Discovered an artifact
Reward - Holy Water

Alert - Caught a wanted criminal
Reward - You recieve a gift of a speech text

Alert - Is hosting a legendary bard
Reward - the reward a warhorn

Alert - Engineered a new tool
Reward - a mining tool I got quarrying tools

Alert - wants to gamble
Reward - 1000 gold

Alert - is being pillaged
Reward - 1000 gold

Alert - Is hosting a festival
Reward - 5000 food

Alert - The Queen is parading
Reward - 250 prestige

Alert - is feasting with a famed hero
Reward - 250 prestige

Alert - recruited swordsmen
Reward - 50 swordsmen

Alert - Has extra pikes
Reward - recieve some pikemen

Alert - wants to share some mercenary armies with you
Reward - warriors

Alert - Is in need of heroic companions
Reward - You feel stengthened (reduces Army Upkeep by 5% per click, stacks upto 10 times)

Alert - Is inviting friends over
Reward - Increases troop move speed and hit points by 1% for 24 hours - 10X stackable

Alert - found valuable treasure
Reward - 500 Gold

Alert - is suffering extensive drought
Reward - 500 food

Alert - Is attending a tournament
Reward - Prestige increase

Alert - found a massive dead oak tree
Reward - some lumber

Alert - Has extra mead
Reward - 250 food

Alert - Has a disease spreading
Reward - 500 gold

Alert - Kingdom attracted foreign traders
Reward - 500 gold

Alert - Is holding an archery game
Reward - prestige

Alert - is sharing some exotic food
Reward - some food

Alert - Has too many stones
Reward - some stone

Alert - Has extra lumber
Reward - lumber

Alert - Kingdom has the plague
Reward - 250 gold

Alert - A tribe of unruly barbarians
Reward - some gold

Alert - is offering a meal
Reward - some food

Note: Some of this info was compiled by Danmos86 in http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?t=127771
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facebook gifts
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