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 How To Medal Farm

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PostSubject: How To Medal Farm   Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:59 am

Here is a Basic Guide for Medal Farming

1. Cross - Level 1-3 Valleys
2. Rose - Level 1-3 Valleys ( lvl 1-3 grass valley )
3. Lion - Level 1-3 Valley | Level 1-3 NPCs ( lvl 1-3 desert valley )
4. Honor - Level 4 NPCs
5. Courage - Level 5 NPCs
6. Freedom - Level 4-5 NPCs
7. Wisdom - Level 5 NPCs
8. Justice/Nation - Level 10 NPCs

Using Scout For Medal Farming:

Scouts are fast attackers so they get you more hit in less time.

Lvl 1-3 valley, use about 1k-2k scouts to attack it.

ATTACK valley, Abandon valley then Repeat...

( when you abandon a valley after capturing it,
the valley will regenerate instantly for you to attack it again )

So.. ATTACK, Abandon then Repeat... do this 50-200 + time a day.

The secret to medal farming is simple..
the more you attack the more chances you'll get medals.

You will lose scouts when medal farming in lvl 1-3 valley...
but scouts are cheap to make and their speed are worth it for medal farming.

Remember to heal in rally spot medic camp.

Using Archers For Medal Farming:

Archer are a bit slower but you won't lose any archers when medal farming...
That's if you use the right amount to attack.

Lvl 1 valley = 100 archers = no loss in troops
lvl 2 valley = 200 archers = no loss in troops
lvl 3 valley = 300 archers = no loss in troops

( maybe you can use lesser archers to attack but this is just a basic example )

Same simple method....
ATTACK valley, Abandon valley and then Repeat...

Using Ballista For Medal Farming:

Ballista should be use when medal farming lvl 1-5 Npcs.

Ballista are really freakin' slow,
they're also expensive and slow to build,
but it's needed for medal farming npcs.

So you gotta make em'!

Basic research tech requirement:
Archery lvl needed: 7-9 | Logistics lvl needed: 6-8 | ( HBR ) Horse back riding lvl needed: 5-8

Lvl 1 Npc = 50 Ballista / 50 Transporter
Lvl 2 Npc = 150 Ballista / 150 Transporter
Lvl 3 Npc = 250 Ballista / 250 Transporter
Lvl 4 Npc = 350 Ballista / 350 Transporter

FOR LVL 5 Npcs:

Archery Tech = lvl 8
Horseback Riding Tech ( HBR ) = lvl 6

FOR Lvl 5 Npc = 550 Ballista / 550 Transporter

Note: once Archery get to lvl 9, you need HBR lvl 8, this is for no loss in lvl 5 npcs

( maybe you can use lesser Ballista to attack npcs when archery tech/HBR is higher
but this is just a basic example )

FARMING Medal in lvl 10 Npcs!
( Justice/Nation Medals )

There many method of how to attack a lvl 10 npcs.
But here's mine...

1st: Have a lvl 80+ Hero For the Main Attack on Lvl 10 npc ( Spear head )
( this is needed for evony age 2 to attack lvl 10 npcs )

2nd: ATTACK with 3 wave of 5k warriors ( use any hero with 70+ attacks )

( while waiting for warrior to hit,
you can scout for a lower lvl hero in the lvl 10 npcs...
but i dont even bother since i use 3 waves of 5k warriors to lessen my spear head loss. )

3rd: Most importantly, time your spear head attack within less than a minute
after the 3 wave of 5k warrior hits the lvl 10 npc...

I use 95k archers, 1k warrior, 1k pike, 1k sword, 1k scout, 1k worker as my spear head.

( rally spot should be at lvl 10 )

After that you should attack it constantly every 6 minutes with about....
80k archers, 100 sword, 100 pike, 100 scouts.

Note: for the lvl 10 npcs to not fully regenerate its troops too much...
you should attack it every 6 minutes for as long as you can.

Justice /Nation medals drop more often than other medals...
I usually get atleast 1 medal every 3-5 hit...

I know there are other ways of attacking lvl 10 npcs for medal.
But this is my basic way of doing it and it works for me. Wink

If there's any suggestion or strategy in medal farming?
Please write it below so we can read it and learn from it...


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How To Medal Farm
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